So now you’ve seen this imposing temple

So now you’ve seen this imposing temple
from the inside
been down to its decrepit crypt
dank with funereal sighs
walls flaking with your every breath
old foundations trembling
upon your unauthorised entry
altars with archaic idols crumbling
since you came in with your light
blowing out my every candle
overpowering incense
muting a choir of corpses
laughing at my meagre sacrificial offerings
stuff of impoverished vampires
and Cain’s desperation.
And you leave just like that,
just as lightly as you came
leaving just the sadness of lilies
and the never-ending litany of your name.
You leave as my house is falling down
but it was you who taught me to prosper
in the company of wolves
roaming labyrinthine forests
living on soil and rare meat
following your scent
as we talk to each other
in unknown dialects
carried by the wind.
It is written we will die in each other
build our temple anew
on the night
of our inevitable wedding
arranged by fallible fools
against the gods’ will
against all currents
skinny dipping in deep waters
flying on broomsticks
against the full moon
till we reach our dying star
its glowing light launching us
into infinity.


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