My next letter

My dearest,
my next letter
will carry fragile things
like the last
this time even more fragile
as we’re both wiser in handling them
dry leaves from eternal trees
just waiting for your water
our little vocabulary
and the other one written
by that pretentious linguist
who needs to get laid
so you have a good laugh
an out of print notebook
carrying fanatic verses
without any need for footnotes
a pocket watch made of time
that never expires
that doesn’t play too many funny games
a fountain that whispers
on your birthday
grateful you’re around to make the world crazier
a hand-made tale
that remains a work in slow patient progress
a toy train alarm clock
to wake you up playfully
in our vast sprawling landscapes
when I’m not around
a prayer carrying invocations of prophecies
gossipy questions
pickled in lavender oil
the stain of olives uprooted
by ungrateful self-loathing colonists
my obscure inherited family pen
to help me write my next chapters
while lovingly waiting for yours.

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