Bali. First impressions

Pilgrims cluttering main roads
carrying straw baskets
full of little things.

Shops mimicking temples,
strange-looking creatures
inviting me to play.

Full moon bringing out the masses
just like it does
with you and me.

Old statues that must have inspired
the Mona Lisa
grinning or frowning
as you pass by.

Familiar odours exported
leading me back to their source.

Birds making love on wild trees
giving birth to coconuts.

Dimly lit alleyways
serving as highways.

Good-looking uniformed airport porters
whom I confused with customs officers
demanding a tip.

Hours of jetlag
my body still synchronised
with yours.

Unheard-of voices
surrounding my chamber
reminding me of friendly laughter.

One big sprawling garden
where we should write 
our next chapter.

Two cloaks left lovingly folded
in my bedroom
woven with spirals and stars.

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