We’ll tear down those prison walls

We'll tear down those prison walls
the night police sirens implode
newswires go haywire
fortresses razed down to public squares
where dogs can have a crap
without getting fined
my donkey stops kicking
and bicycles keep bumping into footballs
massive missiles melt miraculously
Antwerp becomes communist
Gaza the new Amsterdam
Glasgow a Harry Potter re-enactment
Dubai one vacant graveyard
China replicates its Great Wall
with the one million child policy
blooming flowers in Tienanmen
Silicon Valley gets flooded
Mecca drowned in French vintage wine
the Vatican headed by a declaredly gay Antichrist
married to three sheepish sheikhs
Martin Luther poses naked on Vogue
his brother on Forbes
Buddhists reborn forever as stones
and my island colonises the galaxy.

We'll tear down those prison walls
the day the sun goes out of fashion
we'll have one night stands with dying stars
monogamous harems
walls with our tales scrawled in doodles of love
unheard-of echoes
the day the cute, the quaint and the romantic
catch fire
spontaneous inhuman combustion
stirring dull kitsch with spring rain
turning wastelands into old castles with cannons
recycling old truths
giving words trivial meanings
just the meanings they deserve
to be grasped by the raging masses
slaying dignitaries stripped of diplomatic protection
declaring mass-produced card messages
new bibles of academic intertextuality
the prophecies of the poor
it all happened before
it will happen again
do not share my promise
in public.

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