I’m tired of living without you

I'm tired of living without you.
Don't tell me it's been only a few weeks
since our encounter
in the cloister
when birds surrounded us
and candles lit the pathway
on which the two of us
would meet;
don't tell me it's even less
since we last saw each other
walking on the banks
of dreamy canals
our fingers lost
loving each other;
I've lived my life without you
spent eternities crawling
lost on thorny land
turning every stone in the forest
in search of your elusive name
following familiar scents
believed extinct,
wanting you before I knew of you
knowing you before you said a word
loving you before I knew the words
that would entrap us
and liberate us,
our little secret dictionary of desire
written in previous lives
casting spells lasting infinite lifetimes
love potions of daily deaths and immortality
haphazardly interrupted
by rude awakenings
the gaping void
screaming your name.

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