To Eric

My lovely little friendly creature
you've seen me laugh
you've seen me smile
get high and fall down
on flimsy chairs of all sorts 
in our kitchen.

You've left me your little sweet plants
in the pots and the pans in the pantry
so whenever I'm lonely
I talk to them
water them softly
and they touch my hand in the dark.

But it's hard my dear Eric,
not to see you in the mornings
hear you hum in the evenings
dream in verses at night.

See, my window's still open
it shall stay so in winter and autumn
and even in torrential rain.
You'll find crumbs in your matchbox
fresh water in bottle caps
just in case I'd be in hospital
recovering from illness and pain.
** Eric is this lovely creature/foreign exchange student created by Shaun Tan in his series Tales from Outer Suburbia. He came to visit me a while ago and stayed here but left as quietly as he came, and I miss him

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One thought on “To Eric

  1. I love it .

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