Bitten moon

Photo by Imane Al Doubali /
the moon looks like
a bitten piece of cake
white sugary biscuit
mini mellow morsel
surreptitiously snatched.
I know it is;
you bit it, didn't you?
I napped for a while and you bit it.
I left it out there
for you
within arm's reach
knowing you won't miss it
nor resist it.
You can have it all
I have a full moon in my pocket
to lure you back
to the open night fields
by the river
where we'll sleep in arms of grass
and cover ourselves in stories
never-ending tales
as fantastic as you.

Thanks to Ammoun for the picture! Check her great blog

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5 thoughts on “Bitten moon

  1. I love the line in the arms of grass. I like how you play with sounds.

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  3. irishingaza on said:

    Beautiful………As always, Karl…

  4. Thank you all for your kind words!

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