Mirrors no longer show me anything
just still lifes
hastily painted
left alone on a loft
transparent canvas of emptiness
mediocre imitation
mass replicas
of reprinted life size normality
nameless faces staring
half-drunk at the bar of convenience
seeking one night stands
with smuggled spirits
career compassion
confessing ourselves to death
seeking emergency flings
that keep us human
that keep us in the humanitarian business
and with us our shrinks
advisors, consultants,
cunt-ridden planes
filling payrolls, pill boxes,
pipelines and flip charts 
appeasing public conscience
with log frames, strategies
charities, powerpoints
petitions for clemency, lenience and balance
in polite tones
staying composed all along
professional prostitutes
standing in line
burying ourselves alive
dying for dreams that were never ours
signing our own death contracts
blowing out our own candles
egged on by cynical ghosts
patting us
pushing us softly
into their abyss.

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One thought on “Mirrors

  1. linusdaddy on said:

    We have been here before but not quite Here

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