Death intervenes to simplify everything - Philip Roth, The Human Stain
With every death
we are reminded
that life's a fatal game
giving us everything
enveloped in nothingness
cocktails of misery and desire
raising expectations
on paper castles
dominoes laid out to attention
by some sick psychotic mind
waiting for the little push
a patient cancer
a growing gaping void in the guts
a slowed-down heart running out of steam
a clot of sadness in the arteries
demented memory banks lost in the woods
some unfading image of a loved one
waiting for the little push
to be switched off.


Death is kindness
for its chosen one
misery for the others
stalked by life
until it's their turn.


Holding on
like a cliffhanger out of breath
life hanging on fragile grasp
of some quirky jutting rock
generous yet indifferent
as we succumb
to the inevitable pull
gravity's pet project
bringing all down
smashing us sensationally
the higher we dangled our madness
the bigger the drama
the sighs
the tears
the pieces to be shattered
the soppy drivels of despair
the alcoholic binges
seeking redemption in forgetfulness
hoping the brain damage
on impact
will be kind

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4 thoughts on “Death

  1. linusdaddy on said:

    Just as well cats have nine lives

  2. lifestrickery on said:

    “a clot of sadness in the arteries” that’s exactly what I am feeling. It’s such a deep pain that’s clogging up everything.

  3. Was getting worried after all that cat poetry (makes me laugh badly at the same time though), but this is so very, very … painly beautiful. recognizable hurt.
    Here’s something you may ‘like’ as well (from Syria):

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