The universe is too big
without you
indifferent homes
look at me strangely
families interrupt Sunday lunch
put off by my entrées of pity
and misery
once friendly mountains
taking us high
look down on me
Gothic cathedrals
where we played hide and seek
make me feel shit
pious effigies pretending not to see me
confessors too busy
courting their sheep
chorus of bleating
children smiling under lit
Christmas trees
backstabbing laughter
hitting my guts
with red pointed hearts
that once seemed romantic
maps arousing the masses
blank out in my hands
life-size void
painted over my favourite landscapes
forests logged down
seas flooded with foreign bodies
lullabies mutate
into late night trials
accusing fingers
touching my wounds
pressing salt
rubbing contaminated Christianity
upsetting drama
brought down to scale
feeding me in small measures
along the way.

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