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Biljett Miftuħ/Open Ticket

Biljett Miftuħ/Open Ticket – Tales, poems & music of protest, love & death

10 April 2013, Coach and Horses, Malta

Photos by Gilbert Calleja/ 

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Drones watching on us
sending back images
to faraway aliens
capturing our daily dance
rituals of hope and misery
ruins of love and war
donkey-carting joy and sadness
the bitter lemons and the sweetest fried cakes
the olives, the grapes and the limbs
the God-sent births and God-taken martyrs
the empty nets and our plentiful tunnels
the powerless power plant
horizon-less ocean staring at us unblinking
sea water the brine of our hearts
pointed at by bored recruits
feigning intelligence through the crosshairs
feigning understanding
with the help of a console in Tel Aviv
zooming in on our entrails
watching us, wanting us
till the end of their shift.

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