Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park


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4 thoughts on “Bletchley Park

  1. This is bliss. Receiving this poem after one of the most strenuous meeting ever, is an oasis. Let me read it again and again and find the beauty of emotions instead of hearing people shouting at each other which completely drain my mind.

  2. Hello Karl,

    I really enjoyed reading this and it works so well visually with the type writer style font. As it happens I live just down the road from Bletchley Park so if you are ever in the UK and wanted to visit….

  3. Hi Caroline, thank you for your message. The writing is actually on a typewriter, not a computer font 🙂
    I actually visited Bletchley Park last December and loved it, and I have a one-year ticket so I might drop you a line if I make it back!

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