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My flag

My flag has fading colours
frills bleached with time
and silly ventures
freed from enslaving poles
and ravaging invaders
claiming the infinite territories
unoccupied land
and annihilated colonies
unholy earth of mass graves,
wiping out walking dead men
and their following wives
pushing ugly offspring
always in a hurry
always attracted to some decrepit wall
or idolatrous directions.

My flag is clear
despite my colour blindness
its red carries all shades of human blood
the traces left in love and war
the pieces coming out of childbirth
and what remains after napalm 
the inappropriately pink and the sombre death crimson
the corporate expropriated colours
from radical realms rarely realised
rewritten graffiti
and second hand manifestos.

And there is whiteness
in fifty shades
the veiled and the exposed
the unsaid and the sensational
the smugness of whoreish virgins
the shyness of sluts
a pussy riot in corrupted cathedrals
delusional linen on beds of arranged marriages
on wedding night
orgasmic orgies mimicking the nativity
the allegedly sacred 
and the clearly desecrated
the fantastic never-ending torture of phosphorous
the void and the carte blanche
the tabula rasa and the frantic scribblings
on white boards and coffee-stained napkins
the smoke-roller's paper
the melancholic landscape of your skin.


Death intervenes to simplify everything - Philip Roth, The Human Stain
With every death
we are reminded
that life's a fatal game
giving us everything
enveloped in nothingness
cocktails of misery and desire
raising expectations
on paper castles
dominoes laid out to attention
by some sick psychotic mind
waiting for the little push
a patient cancer
a growing gaping void in the guts
a slowed-down heart running out of steam
a clot of sadness in the arteries
demented memory banks lost in the woods
some unfading image of a loved one
waiting for the little push
to be switched off.


Death is kindness
for its chosen one
misery for the others
stalked by life
until it's their turn.


Holding on
like a cliffhanger out of breath
life hanging on fragile grasp
of some quirky jutting rock
generous yet indifferent
as we succumb
to the inevitable pull
gravity's pet project
bringing all down
smashing us sensationally
the higher we dangled our madness
the bigger the drama
the sighs
the tears
the pieces to be shattered
the soppy drivels of despair
the alcoholic binges
seeking redemption in forgetfulness
hoping the brain damage
on impact
will be kind

Hurricanes visit

Hurricanes visit
with the best of intentions
they think of us
even from far away
turn up announced
breaking barriers
steel barriers
sound barriers
race religious war and peace barriers
dragging them kilometres
sandy beaches skinned to the bone
sweeping us away
with our love letters and phone bills
death cancels old debts
intervening god-like
with love and fury
provoking accidental justice
summoning all its armies
ominous horsemen on the horizon
ready to strip us of all honours
stripping homes naked
fireplaces melt into ice cubes
survivors on the rocks
nature's smug cocktail.

In gray silence stormy seas seek the green light
from quaking earth trembling
to join the party.

Together we will live forever

My dear princess
I've followed your fatal scent
and believed your every fairy tale
drunk from your chalice
in the warmth of your breast
waited for centuries in freezing death chambers
defied the pleas of the wise
set out to prove them wrong
burnt their warning letters in your fire
as we built our fortress
my cannon pointed at approaching armies
cynical soulless trolls
armed zealots sent by pious vicars
craving our destruction,
there's no death we can't withstand
in our castle
just believe in me now
we drank each others' blood
carried out all essential rituals
left our memories etched on old trees
I'm no longer scared.
Together we will live forever.

I’m tired of living without you

I'm tired of living without you.
Don't tell me it's been only a few weeks
since our encounter
in the cloister
when birds surrounded us
and candles lit the pathway
on which the two of us
would meet;
don't tell me it's even less
since we last saw each other
walking on the banks
of dreamy canals
our fingers lost
loving each other;
I've lived my life without you
spent eternities crawling
lost on thorny land
turning every stone in the forest
in search of your elusive name
following familiar scents
believed extinct,
wanting you before I knew of you
knowing you before you said a word
loving you before I knew the words
that would entrap us
and liberate us,
our little secret dictionary of desire
written in previous lives
casting spells lasting infinite lifetimes
love potions of daily deaths and immortality
haphazardly interrupted
by rude awakenings
the gaping void
screaming your name.

The dance of Qohelet (2) — Alors on danse by Stromae

The life of trees

So maybe we’re like trees,
after all,
witnessing centuries
wars, famine, madness
the North Wind and the devastating drought
the cosmic stellar freaks
some capricious god’s mindfucks
absorbing the dung of the earth
and radioactive air
drinking the ever fading sunlight
and water from blood-stained rivers
seeing and waiting
giving whatever’s left to come out of us
a crying sapling
a silent sigh
a fragile flower
dead branches to remind us
that we die a thousand times
with every departing leaf
with every bird that never returns
with every short-lived butterfly
dazzling us with unimaginable colours
always falling for their impossible promises
always falling without showing,
not yet,
we die a thousand times
before our greatest fall
the higher up we go
the more spectacular our demise
like the unshakable cedar
defiant, resisting,
standing up
because we cannot do otherwise
because we die a thousand times
before our spectacular fall
before our centuries’ old wisdom
disperses in a million fragments
to be eaten by worms none the wiser
mixing our remains with decomposing corpses
fossilising our love for future archaeologists
and present-day coal factories
on an ever-shrinking planet
we no longer belong to.

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