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Let’s be strangers

Let's be strangers
let's cross continents, war-torn countries
touch the famished, the infected, the downtrodden
walk through cyclones, floods, earthquakes
let's get lost on windswept islands
travel through cruel and merciful seasons
let's be strangers with false maps
and faulty compasses
crossing through landmined checkpoints,
haunted outposts, unsettled colonies
so that we can find each other again
behind the wall and its barbed wire
in the noisy city or in the deserted landscapes
in our little enclave or on some sprawling train
at the zoo watching seals play
so that we can retell each other
our stories of wonder
so that we can stand in awe of ourselves
rediscover ourselves wearing blindfolds
so that we can turn off the lights
embraced once again
as if love never happened
as if it's been secretly waiting
as if everything has yet to be said and done
and nothing mattered.

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