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Now this

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My flag

My flag has fading colours
frills bleached with time
and silly ventures
freed from enslaving poles
and ravaging invaders
claiming the infinite territories
unoccupied land
and annihilated colonies
unholy earth of mass graves,
wiping out walking dead men
and their following wives
pushing ugly offspring
always in a hurry
always attracted to some decrepit wall
or idolatrous directions.

My flag is clear
despite my colour blindness
its red carries all shades of human blood
the traces left in love and war
the pieces coming out of childbirth
and what remains after napalm 
the inappropriately pink and the sombre death crimson
the corporate expropriated colours
from radical realms rarely realised
rewritten graffiti
and second hand manifestos.

And there is whiteness
in fifty shades
the veiled and the exposed
the unsaid and the sensational
the smugness of whoreish virgins
the shyness of sluts
a pussy riot in corrupted cathedrals
delusional linen on beds of arranged marriages
on wedding night
orgasmic orgies mimicking the nativity
the allegedly sacred 
and the clearly desecrated
the fantastic never-ending torture of phosphorous
the void and the carte blanche
the tabula rasa and the frantic scribblings
on white boards and coffee-stained napkins
the smoke-roller's paper
the melancholic landscape of your skin.

You’ll see

You'll see

Let’s be strangers

Let's be strangers
let's cross continents, war-torn countries
touch the famished, the infected, the downtrodden
walk through cyclones, floods, earthquakes
let's get lost on windswept islands
travel through cruel and merciful seasons
let's be strangers with false maps
and faulty compasses
crossing through landmined checkpoints,
haunted outposts, unsettled colonies
so that we can find each other again
behind the wall and its barbed wire
in the noisy city or in the deserted landscapes
in our little enclave or on some sprawling train
at the zoo watching seals play
so that we can retell each other
our stories of wonder
so that we can stand in awe of ourselves
rediscover ourselves wearing blindfolds
so that we can turn off the lights
embraced once again
as if love never happened
as if it's been secretly waiting
as if everything has yet to be said and done
and nothing mattered.

Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park

The boy who saved the world


There was once a sun that shone on a distant planet very similar to ours. There were boys and girls and animals and plants on this tiny planet, including a young lonely boy who had no friends except for those hiding in the wardrobe in his bedroom. He would play for hours with these friends, but when he was away from them, like when at school or out with his parents, he would speak to the sun, ask her to be kind and light the day for as long as possible. Not because he was scared of the night, but he loved the sun’s warmth, and, as much as he loved sunsets, it always left him a wee bit upset whenever the sun disappeared.

His parents were clearly worried about him, especially whenever he returned all sad after school, where his class mates picked on him and invented all sorts of cruel lies. Sometimes he felt so hurt and lonely that he would ask his parents not to send him to school again. And after sunset he would ask the sun to ensure that its light, the next day, would warm the world and people’s hearts and make them friendlier, nicer. Sometimes he even asked her to take him with her somewhere nice.
The sun had long been watching the boy and keeping an eye on him, pondering how she could help him. It was hard, though, because there was no way the sun could get any nearer without burning the planet and all living things with its fiery flames.
Other suns, stars and planets nearby could clearly notice the sun’s incessant anxiety, although they couldn’t understand why she looked so worried. At times she rose late or mixed up the seasons, shining strongly in winter and forcing people to remove their jackets and scarves when she was meant to be much milder.
The planets finally decided to tackle the bull by its horns, or rather the sun by its flames, and called for an inter-planetary meeting in which the sun would be heard and the best decision taken.
What’s wrong with you, our dear comrade sun? one of the oldest stars asked her. You’ve been very, very distracted recently. You’re confusing the animals, who are thinking winter is over only to discover the next day that it isn’t. Plants can’t figure out whether they need more water or if they should hold back their flowers from blossoming. And the people – not that they don’t deserve a punishment for all the the wrongs they did to their planet – but you’re just confusing everyone with your behaviour. Tell us what it is that’s troubling you.
The sun told them about the boy. She cared for him and wanted to get closer to him and keep him company. Some of the stars were quite shocked. For thousands of years they learnt to observe everything without intervening, sticking to the order of things and letting the universe decide everyone’s fate.
Surely, my dear, you must be extremely troubled to be thinking of these things, said one of the Grand Suns. You remember one of our first instructions we were given on the day we were set alight was to keep our distance from the little things we can’t change, and to stick to our simple job of giving light and warmth in enough measure for everyone and everything. It is then up to them to decide what to do with it.
The sun felt embarrassed, admitting her love for one little boy in front of so many others who thought she was going crazy, but she couldn’t help her feelings and always had some reply to the others’ words of warning. She had decided to get near the boy and be his friend forever.
This is madness, the Grand Sun said again, raising its voice now. Do you know what your madness will lead to? Sure you do. And yet, we understand, that once in a thousand years or so, one of us feels it is more important to leave everything for someone. And we have to accept that such madness is also part of our universe; it came with the light and the dark and the raging infinity in which we live. But beware: Your love will change everything. You’ll have to leave your flames behind you and deprive billions of humans, animals and trees of the light that keeps them alive. And you will no longer shine for as long as you stay close to your loved one, and eventually die together. Do you really want to do all this for one person?
Yes, I do.
Then crazy might not be the right word for you, but this is not a reunion of linguists, so let it be. May you find the happiness you so crave. In time we’ll find the words to describe the destruction you’re about to bring, but meanwhile, make the best of it and leave the rest to history.
Not wanting to upset everything at once, the sun decided to wait till her last sunset before turning off her flames and start her journey to the boy, so that it looked like a normal night as all the others before it, only there would be no sunrise the next day; there would be no next day at all.
In just a few hours the sun was well on her way towards the planet, shrinking as she got nearer, and just a few minutes after midnight she was knocking outside the boy’s window. The child couldn’t believe his eyes when he finally realised she had come all that way down for him. He was so excited and wanted to introduce her to his wardrobe friends and show her around the house – obviously in perfect silence not to wake up his parents.
Back in his room, they partied all night – which seemed to never end – and played all sorts of games that the boy never had the chance to play with normal friends; from hide and seek to hopscotch and snakes and ladders.
Of course the night never ended; his parents stayed asleep, as did everyone else, and all the plants and trees started to die slowly. The birds stayed all huddled in their nests and all the world’s clocks and watches stopped working, having realised this was the end of days and there was therefore no point in keeping the time any longer.
It took a while for the boy to realise what was happening, caught up as he was playing with his new friend.
It just occurred to me that you will soon have to go back to your place so that you can shine again on our planet, the boy said. I will miss you.
I’ve decided I’m not going back. I want to say here with you.
But so many planets and animals need you, you can’t let them down like that – they’ve done no wrong.
I see you’ve left out your fellow humans. They’ve been cruel to the planet and also to you.
Quite, but there are good innocent people who do not deserve to be punished. And I too love you alight and giving your warmth so generously to everyone.
In that case I’ll have to go back, but the only way to set me back alight is to have someone with me who, once we’re at the required distance from the planet, brings the flames from our neighbouring suns and gives me the right amount of them so I can continue shining.
I can do that.
Humans never did this before. The flames will be too strong for you and you will cease being a boy after that.
You’ve given up your flames for me. Why are you surprised if I give up mine for you? Come on, let’s go and do it before it gets too late. We’ve left the world in too much darkness already. Let’s get going.
The sun was so touched by the boy’s kindness that she struggled to hold back its tears, which she had to hold back at all costs if she wanted to flare up again like the sun it was. Holding the boy’s hand, she opened his bedroom window again and started flying up high, from where the boy could see all the houses, towers, rivers, mountains, deserts and forests of the world, and it was beautiful, an entire world asleep, snoring, dreaming or just sound asleep, waiting for the first rays of the sun to wake up.
It’s time, the sun finally told the boy who was still breathless from the speed at which they were travelling, You can see those flames on the star in front of us. Fetch one of them and bring it to me. You will be able to handle it but once I’m on fire everything will change, and I don’t know exactly how.
It will be all right. You are my sun, I want you to shine, and that’s all that matters.
I love you, the sun told him just as he set her alight again.
As the sun was slowly sending off her rays towards every corner of the planet, everyone started waking up from their long sleep, the clocks started ticking again, and the birds started chirping as if nothing ever happened.
In fact nobody knew that the little lonely boy had saved the world, and much less that he had become the new moon, who once in a while, when he really misses her, gets so close to the sun again that he blocks her view, triggering all sorts of stories and rumours about the end of days.
Only the sun and the moon know how true those stories are, and it is only thanks to their undying love that there has never been an eclipse as long as there was on the day the sun stopped shining; just brief visits that always, inevitably, captivate the entire world, short enough to keep it alive, intense enough to be marked on everyone’s calendar, as you can see for yourself about their past and future encounters.

Fading muse

DSC_0062-e2You know what?
She probably doesn't care
at all,
they told me,
caught as I was
scribbling frantically
to keep her reading
to keep her mine
to keep her loving me
to keep me alive
in this fatal game
flirting with fire
words stabbing our hearts
once soothed our soul
silence speaks a thousand pictures
more than our bandwidth can carry
more than is ever bearable
incurable massive mindfuck
writing along not to drown
clasping to dying alphabets
that built our homely walls
gasping for air
that only she could breathe
into me.


Clouds and thunder
no longer scare me
(they never did
but now I love them more)
they bring your touch to me
pushing away veiled ghosts
pattering raindrops of tears
of joy and loneliness
soft salty sweet tears
washed away in the infinite blue
sea sky
silky underdress
of our uncelebrated
secret sacred existence.

Together we will live forever

My dear princess
I've followed your fatal scent
and believed your every fairy tale
drunk from your chalice
in the warmth of your breast
waited for centuries in freezing death chambers
defied the pleas of the wise
set out to prove them wrong
burnt their warning letters in your fire
as we built our fortress
my cannon pointed at approaching armies
cynical soulless trolls
armed zealots sent by pious vicars
craving our destruction,
there's no death we can't withstand
in our castle
just believe in me now
we drank each others' blood
carried out all essential rituals
left our memories etched on old trees
I'm no longer scared.
Together we will live forever.

My Virgin — J. W. Steele

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